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EU Funding Profile - What you get

Once you select your sector, our application screens 38 EU managed funding programmes. It extracts all open and upcoming calls for proposals as well as recently closed calls. The information provided includes call summaries and links to original sources.

From all calls available for your sector you can pick & chose those you are interested in. Calls appear in chronological order, from those which expire first to upcoming calls. Our call “barometer” shows the remaining time before the deadline. Calls can be filtered by sector, added to or removed from your individual call list.

Your EU Funding Profile stays always up to date: information on new calls, changes of deadlines or the transition from upcoming to open calls will be emailed to your inbox.

EU Funding Profile - Offer

The demo version does not include information on all calls available in the selected sectors. All calls including closed calls are only accessible for users with a valid subscription.

News & Monitoring

Free information services: News on funding, innovation and digital technologies are added every day on the EU Innovation Trends portal where they remain for 7 days. Registered users and subscribers to the EU Funding Profile can access and search our database for a wide range of past news and events. In addition, they receive daily news and information on calls for proposals directly to their mailbox.

The Weekly Newsletter is made in two parts: the ‘Focus of the Week’ is either related to a specific funding programme, to a sector for which different funding programmes are available or an organization that makes funding available. The second part consists of a selection of highlights from the past week.

Subscription services: We offer monitoring on funding, innovation and digital issues. as well as on EU policies and legislation in a variety of fields including Energy, Climate, Environment, Smart Cities etc. The monitoring can be customized according to individual needs. Together with the client, we choose information sources and define issues via keywords. All official EU sources and also stakeholder sources are screened on a daily basis.

All-in-one offer: Information on funding and policies / legislation can be combined in one package per sector/field of activity. Information can be accessed online or delivered by mail. It can also be transferred via API to the FTP server of your company.

Monitoring price: The annual fee per field of monitoring is € 1.500 excl. of VAT