EU Innovation Trends Services

  • EU Funding Profile - an innovative application that identifies the EU funding programmes and calls for proposals relevant to your individual activity.
  • Daily News - daily news on Funding, Innovation, Digital explaining how the EU budget is spent in the context of the Multiannual Financial Framework.
  • EU Policy Monitoring - daily information on EU policies and legislation. Highly granular and tailored information on EU policy issues, including drafts, approved documents and statements from original sources.

About EU Funding Profile

EU FUnding Profile is an application made for everyone who wants to find out about EU funding opportunities without investing much time and resources. Different stakeholders (SMEs, universities, cities etc.) can find out which of their activities can potentially receive financial support from the EU. They will get a comprehensive overview of what is happening in their field at EU level and find all open and upcoming calls for proposals relevant to their activity. 

How does it work?

Our software screens all EU-managed funding programmes and all calls for proposals. Whatever is available to support your project, you will see it. 

Select your type of beneficiary (e.g. SME, NGO, Research Institution, etc.), sector(s) the sector/activity (e.g. Energy, ICT, Food, Health etc.) you are interested in and the country where you are registered and operate. Based on these criteria our application extracts information on all relevant EU funding programmes and open and upcoming calls for proposals from which you can select what interests you most.

While working your way through, you get at the same time a comprehensive overview of what is happening in your field at EU level.

Based on your selection, the system generates your unique EU Profile. It contains detailed descriptions of relevant funding programmes, calls for proposals, links to websites and original documents, open and upcoming calls for proposals in your sector(s) and legislative background information on the funding programmes. Your Profile is stored in your online account, which is constantly updated following any new developments relevant to your profile. 

Example: if your sector is ICT, our software will identify and select all funding programmes and calls containing ICT. As ICT is relevant to many sectors, funding can be found in a variety of programmes, e.g. agriculture, health, creative sectors, space, transport and many more. 

You can manage your results by using the sector filter function: funding programmes, calls for proposals and policies will be filtered by sector. 

Who can use it? 

All stakeholders (defined as “beneficiaries” by the EU) can benefit from EU funding and financing: SMEs, individuals, schools, universities, NGOs, research organisations, financial institutions, intergovernmental organisations, large enterprises, professional organisations, public authorities/cities. 

What is in?

Funding programmes 

EU Funding Profile application covers over 30 funding programmes managed by the EU with descriptions of all programmes and programme components and links to original documents and websites.

  • Horizon 2020
  • Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and SMEs (COSME)
  • Connecting Europe Facility
  • Erasmus+
  • Space surveillance and tracking support programme
  • Civil Protection Mechanism
  • European Maritime and Fisheries Fund
  • 3rd Health programme
  • Consumer programme
  • Copernicus
  • COST Actions
  • Creative Europe
  • ITER
  • EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation
  • Europe for Citizens
  • European Agricultural Guarantee Fund
  • European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights
  • European Neighbourhood Instrument
  • Fiscalis 2020
  • Galileo
  • Hercule III
  • Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation
  • Instrument for pre-accession assistance
  • Instrument for stability
  • Internal Security Fund
  • Justice 2020
  • Life
  • Pericles 2020
  • Customs 2020
  • Development Cooperation Instrument
  • Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund
  • Security and safeguarding liberties
  • Research Fund for Coal and Steel

Calls for proposals

In average there are more or less 500 open and upcoming calls for proposals in our database. 

EU Innovation Trends Daily News

We provide daily news on EU funding, innovation, digital for free on the news portal and by means of a weekly Newsletter. More in depth information including daily monitoring can be provided on request. 

Policy Monitoring

In addition to information on EU funding we also provide daily information on EU policies and legislation for a variety of sectors including energy, ebvironment, smart cities, digital technologies etc. 

All-in-one: Funding opportunities and news, policies and legislation per sector

A package combining information on EU funding and legislation can be created by combining all three services.

This unique offer is provided by IncubatorEurope only. 

What do you get?

Funding Programmes 

List of European funding programmes relevant to your activity:

  • Description of the programme and its relevant components
  • Information on the granting authority e.g. European Commission, EUREKA, COST, etc.
  • Broader financial framework of the funding programme (if applicable)
  • Link to the relevant legislation and current work programmes

Calls for proposals

Selection of open and upcoming calls for proposals relevant to your activity:

  • Description of the call for proposal
  • Deadline for application/ forecasted publication date
  • Link to the call’s page on the participants’ portal or other official website
  • Email alerts on the publication of new and upcoming calls
  • List of open, upcoming and (since recently) closed calls in the sector(s) of your choice.

News on funding, innovation, digital

 news are updated on a daily basis. Subscribers can choose to receive daily or weekly email alerts.  Funding news can be individualise by using topics/keywords agreed with the client. The news are archived in the portal and can be selected with keywords and a full-text search. 

Policy Monitoring

Our daily monitoring delivers highly granular and tailored information on EU policy issues, including drafts, approved documents and statements from original sources.