Open market consultation PPI4HPC

Wed, September 6, 2017

The Spanish, Italian, German and French supercomputing centers GENCI, BSC, CINECA and FZJ/JSC are inviting potentially interested suppliers to participate in the open market consultation on 6 September 2017 to prepare their upcoming 73 €million joint Public Procurement of Innovative solutions for High Performance Computing (PPI4HPC).

In this 73 €million procurement, each of the four public procurers will buy an innovative high performance supercomputer and/or an innovative high performance storage system that will be integrated in their computing center. These systems are expected to be deployed in the 2019-2021 time frame. By implementing such a joint deployment roadmap, these systems will make available in a more coordinated way across Europe a large range of advanced applications including High Performance Computing applications, High Performance Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

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