Friday, 19 January 2018
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In today’s Focus of the Week we will present you an overview of ICT Research & Innovation.

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Roland Strauss and the EU Innovation Trends team

Focus of the week: ICT Research & Innovation

The ICT sector represents 4.8% of the European economy.

It generates 25% of total business expenditure in Research and Development (R&D), and investments in ICT account for 50% of all European productivity growth. EU investments in ICTs are due to increase by about 25% under Horizon 2020 compared to FP7. This EU investment will support the whole chain from basic research to innovation that can deliver new business breakthroughs, often on the basis of emerging technologies.

Information and Communication Technologies underpin innovation and competitiveness across private and public sectors and enable scientific progress in all disciplines. Thus in H2020, ICT-related topics can be found in all priorities, from 'Excellence Science' to 'Industrial Leadership', to 'Societal Challenges'.

The potential and capabilities of modern ICT systems are still growing exponentially fuelled by the progress in electronics, microsystems, networking, the ability to master increasingly complex cyber-physical systems and robots, and progress in data processing and human machine interfaces. These developments provide major opportunities for Europe to develop the next generation of open platforms on top of which a multiplicity of innovative devices, systems and applications can be implemented.

These new solutions will enable a wealth of new business developments in particular for SMEs, and will contribute to boosting competitiveness, creating jobs and supporting growth.

Commission proposes to invest EUR 1 billion in world-class European supercomputers: The European Commission unveiled its plans to invest jointly with the Member States in building a world-class European supercomputers...
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Intelligent technology for farms of the future: Smart technology can greatly benefit farms but selecting and deploying it can be a daunting process. An EU-funded network is stimulating the uptake...
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News Highlights

Maximising the impact of EU research and innovation: Europe must step up investment in research and innovation in order to maximise impact, while also further refining the success story that is...
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ESI Funds - strengthening European regions and solidarity: “The Structural Funds are not only money. They are a signal of European solidarity.”...
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Calling urban mobility and manufacturing innovators - competition for new EIT innovation communities launched: The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT)  launched a competition for new Innovation Communities in the areas of urban mobility ...
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24 Jan 2018 - Towards new perspectives of co-creation in public services: This seminar will offer opportunities to discuss the innovation ecosystem, the value of co-creation and will feature a panel discussion addressing...
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30 Jan 2018 - Swiss Science Briefing - Towards a European Open Science Cloud: How to harness the power of open data? Getting inspiration from the work of the Swiss Data Science Center. ...
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31 Jan 2018 - AAL Call Info Day - Funding possibilities for smart solutions for ageing well: Interested in funding opportunities in the field of ICT for Active and Assisted Living (AAL)? Attend the AAL Programme Info Day on 31 January. At...
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Calls for Proposals
SU-ICT-02-2020: Building blocks for resilience in evolving ICT systems:
Algorithms, software and hardware systems must be designed having security, privacy, data protection and accountability in mind from their design phase in a measurable manner. Relevant challenges include: (a) to develop mechanisms that measure the performance of ICT systems with regards to cybersecu...
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ICT-30-2019-2020: An empowering, inclusive Next Generation Internet:
Every citizen, from all walks of life, should be able to fully take part in the Digital Single Market. This means that the Next Generation Internet will have to empower users, including its most vulnerable or disabled one, to have access to the same digital learning opportunities, in forms that are ...
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ICT-29-2018: A multilingual Next Generation Internet:
The activities under this topic will support technology-enabled multilingualism for an inclusive Digital Single Market. Every European should be able to access content and engage in written and spoken communication activities without language being a barrier. Content and services, such as those prov...
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