This ERDF-funded cross-border project ‘Starforce’ aims to promote the take-up of German traineeships by Danish students.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has signed an intermediated loan agreement of EUR 30 million with Raiffeisen Leasing Bulgaria to finance projects of small and medium-sized enterprises and mid-cap companies. The loan will allow Raiffeisen Leasing Bulgaria to better address the needs of SMEs and mid-caps, which are the backbone of the Bulgarian economy.

New investment and job creation by companies across Rwanda will benefit from EUR 24 million of new financing provided by the European Investment Bank in cooperation with local banks.

An international team of researchers, including ERC grantee Fernando T. Maestre from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC), pieced together a global atlas of soil bacteria. The study, published today in Science, identifies some five hundred species of dominant bacteria living in soils worldwide. The findings, based on EU-funded research, could open new paths to improve soil fertility and increase agricultural production.

This month, school students from Terni, in Italy, are teaming up with academics and local officials to tackle environmental threats in everyday surroundings. Their collaboration notably addresses health risks arising from air pollution and ambient noise.

EU Funding: 

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and ING today signed an agreement to support green investments for the European shipping market for a total value of EUR 300m. ING and EIB will each contribute EUR 150m to the facility. This agreement will ensure that sponsors of green and sustainable projects in the maritime transport sector can benefit from advantageous financial terms.