A Call for proposals open to help Member States make public spaces and urban areas more secure

In order to support the implementation of its Counter-Terrorism Package, which was adopted on 18 October,  the Commission has published within the framework of the Internal Security Fund – Police a call for proposals with the total amount of EUR 18 500 000.

Projects selected will support the implementation of the different parts of the package:

  • Action Plan to support the protection of public spaces;
  • Action Plan to enhance preparedness against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear security risks
  • Implementing the Commission recommendation on immediate steps to prevent misuse of explosives precursors
  • Actions aiming at better protection of critical infrastructures against emerging threats.   

As regards the protection of public spaces, including urban areas, projects must be aiming to achieve one or more of the following outcomes: 

  • Development, implementation and roll-out of new concepts of urban landscape design aiming at reducing the vulnerability of public spaces, offering shelters in case of active shooting attack, blocking the way of ramming vehicles and mitigating blast waves;
  • Increase cross-sectoral preparedness of EU Member States' agencies and authorities to terrorist attack against public spaces, incl. via trainings, exercises and establishment of regional law enforcement training facilities providing comprehensive training programmes for law enforcement/security authorities in protection of public spaces and other soft targets. The training programmes should be closely aligned with the Commission's ongoing activities in this area;
  • Development of cross-border, cross-sectoral cooperation and coordination mechanisms for first responders in the immediate response to terrorist attacks, incl. via trainings, exercises and exchange of best practice and lessons learned;
  • Enhancing protection of public spaces, urban areas and other soft targets via trainings, sharing of best practices and awareness raising activities. 

The Commission will support transnational projects (involving entities from at least two Member States participating in the Fund) aimed at rapid enhancement in protection of public spaces and increased preparedness against CBRN risks.

The projects may last up to three years and the grant amount has to be more than EUR 350 000 and up to EUR 3 000 000.   

The call is addressed to Member States central, regional and local authorities as well as private stakeholders.         

The deadline for submission of proposals is 1 February 2018; 17h00 Brussels time.

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