FET2RIN training course for Future and Emerging Technologies Projects

During this training course, mentors and trainers will help participants to look at their project from a business perspective, assessing its strengths and weaknesses on the route to commercialisation.

The FET-Open CSA project FET2RIN’s main goal is helping researchers to learn how to rapidly develop and test novel solutions by gathering feedbacks. Many projects fail to generate impact, as startups fail to succeed on the market, by not validating their ideas early on, with real-life customers. To mitigate that, researchers attending FET2RIN workshops will learn how to apply the lean start-up approach, getting “out of the lab”, search for unmet needs and validate their impact related assumptions. 

FET2Rin coaches will guide FET teams through assumption identification, customer interviews, rapid experimentation, and new exploitation opportunities. FET2RIN training pushes teams outside their “comfort zone” and changes the way they look at research results in the view of use and impact.

The 5th edition of FET2Rin training will be held from mid-December 2018 to mid-February 2019, consisting of both online and on-site in Brussels sessions.  Training free of charge for FET Projects. Up to three people per project can participate