Greening north-western European water systems

A cross-border ERDF-funded project aims to address excess energy use and high carbon emissions generated by water pumping equipment and systems across Ireland, the UK and France.

The European project, known as ‘Green WIN’, will identify potential opportunities for reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions by north-west European water management organisations.

To achieve this, the project team will trial low-carbon water-pumping technologies in an attempt to achieve 15 % energy savings and CO2 reductions at 11 trial sites across Ireland, the UK and France by 2021.

It will also carry out audits and produce guidelines including a ‘Greener Pumping Technologies Toolkit’. Furthermore, a support network will be created in a bid to encourage water companies to carry out new installations and to guide them through the entire process.

Ultimately, Green WIN hopes to foster a greater take-up of greener technologies, promote lower energy use and to reduce carbon emissions produced by the water management sector.