Small Hungarian village has big ideas about energy management

The [email protected] programme aims to reduce energy consumption by implementing improvements in schools while simultaneously raising awareness of, and promoting, similar changes across the community.

This ERDF-funded project aims to reduce energy consumption across schools whilst also teaching children about energy use and renewable energy.

[email protected] has been in operation in the small village of Újszilvás which has a population of just 2 800 people. Before the project, the local government’s biggest cause for concern was the local school’s spending. In response, the project installed double-glazed windows, solar panels and a geothermal heat-exchange system in a bid to reduce energy consumption. According to the management, this will achieve a 30 % reduction in the schools’ costs in 2019.

In parallel, the project is making use of the new energy improvements to inform the pupils. Students are able to see the solar cells with their own eyes, and share this information with their peers and parents across the community.