Trillium II - Using the international patient summary in a disaster situation

In order to test the digital international patient summary in an emergency situation, the Trillium-II project participated in a disaster exercise: a devastating earthquake.

On 15 and 16 October 2018, the EU-funded project Trillium-II took part in the 5th European Union Module Exercise (EU MODEX-Ro), a Disaster Readiness Exercise in Bucharest (Romania). The exercice scenario involved a devastating earthquake of 7.5 Richter in Bucharest and was the largest medical exercise in the history of the European Union with more than 3,500 participants. 

The role of Trillium-II 

During the exercice, the Trillium-II team evaluated the use of the International Patient Summary (IPS): a digital dataset that comprises key information of a person's health profile like critical conditions, allergies, medications, vaccinations, aiming to serve as an overview of a person’s health to ensure safe and secure care.

The initial assessement of the use of IPS in disaster medicine was positive and rewarding but it also left lot of questions unanswered. The Trillium-II project hopes to continue its collaboration with EU-MODEX to further explore the benefits of the use of IPS in the next exercise organised in Estonia.